Our Vision…

  • We are encouraging all young people to take action in their community and our world.
  • We are moving forward with our mission.
  • We are powerful advocates for change.
  • We are making a difference.
  • We are proactive not reactive.
  • We are the future so hear our voices!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

ALLY-KATZZ: Town Hall Meeting

ALLY-KATZZ: Town Hall Meeting

Girl Power!

The first ever AllyKatzz Town Hall Meeting was absolutely splendid. The air was filled with cheerful chatter and the meeting halls with colorful balloons. The meeting was geared to encourage girls from many backgrounds and walks of life to change the world for the better. Over 140 girls and 115 adults crowded into UCLA’s Hall Of Fame to lend their voices to positive change.

Rose colored glasses came off as we buckled down to face real issues going on in the world today. However, as solutions and brilliant ideas came to bear, rays of hope shone through. The event included an award ceremony in which I was honored for altruism and work within the organization, for which I am a youth ambassador ‘In A Perfect World’.

I was so grateful to receive an honor but my award was a testament to the fact that the IAPW team and I were able to inspire many girls. It is our hope that they themselves can in turn become catalysts of change in order to help their families, homes, communities and the world to develop into a more unified and harmonious place.

The IAPW Ambassador team lined up at a rosy pink booth to speak to large groups of girls. So many were encouraged and even pledged to find at least one way each and every single day to help make the world a little more perfect.

These are the themes I carried with me throughout the day, even when it came time to participate in DM’ing ™ (DenimMessaging™) a fun project were the girls and even a number of young stars pitched in to draw words and symbols of inspiration on the inside of jeans.

After the jeans were decorated, “AllyKatzz teamed up with Jermaine Crawford’s CODE BLUE - together they delivered the girls’ jeans to homeless tweens and teens. Celebrity jeans were on display at Bloomingdale’s in Sherman Oaks for 2 weeks and were being auctioned - 100% of proceeds will go to CODE BLUE”. In the picture below, you can see the jeans I designed that are currently being auctioned! Although hard to see, these too have lovely words and phrases of hope written in calligraphic print! They are rose themed and have many glittery blossoms and a few thorns drawn on them. After all, despite the thorns in life we can bloom for all to see.  You can bid on these jeans here!

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