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Friday, July 24, 2009


As many of you know, I am a huge environmental advocate, dedicated to help protect, preserve and save environmental resources, animals and habitats. I am struck by the fact that even the little things we do can make a difference. Let’s just say, I’m basically the redhead with the guitar strapped on her back that picks up someone else’s trash on her way into the studio LOL. I’m definitely into helping to make the world cleaner and greener, and if I can do that through music and the arts, well… all the better.

That’s why I love the environmental media association, EMA for short. EMA channels a positive message and proactive environmental solutions through the media, arts and entertainment. They’re the organization that stands for greener sets and studios, greener lifestyles and industries. EMA also educates the next generation in environmental protection.

(Here I am about to plant a small carrot plant along with Nicole Richie, Youths from the school, and Youths from the ‘Looking Ahead Program’)

It is certainly a pleasure supporting EMA, and I value the hands on approach they take when it comes to teaching youth. I find it rather sad that so many schools teach the three R’s and such, but fail to put an emphasis on teaching the basic and vital skills about protecting and preserving our world. This is where EMA comes in. Their recent event was at a school in Los Angeles, CA for a project called “Gardening in the Schools”. It is a part of a mission to make many of the schools in that district greener by installing school gardens.

Along with EMA I joined the ‘Looking Ahead Organization’, ‘Yes to Carrots’, Amy Smart, Maria Menounos, members of Maroon 5, and Nicole Richie for a morning of hands-on gardening with the Kids and Teens of the selected school. It was an incredibly harmonious time graced by wonderful speeches from many of the founders, sponsors, partners and participants. Some of the most memorable speeches were from the founders and main directors of ‘EMA’, ‘Yes To Carrots’ (who’s representative/founder gave a wonderful speech concluded by literally taking a bite out of their own natural lip-balm!) Nicole Richie, beautifully expressed her dedication to this cause and the importance of it and Amy smart spoke about the importance “being green” and the impact it has on one’s health as well as many others.
(Soon this plot of land will be a beautiful flowering garden and provide fresh organic food for the kids at the school!)

Many of the students expressed, that beyond benefiting the environment, gardening was an incredibly peaceful and tranquil experience. A thyme* to clear one’s thoughts and connect with nature can certainly be rare in today’s society, but it is a beautiful and thought provoking experience. As I was planting the tiny roots of rose bushes, sprigs of mint and leaflets from carrots along with supporters and students, I thought about the symbolic beauty a garden. All of the different types of plants in their own individuality only add to the beauty of it, just as our world benefits from all people. If only we too could reside in harmony and find common ground as the flowers and plants in the garden so that we can work towards the goal of making this world a better place.

*(LOL I was getting so “garden-y” that this was an actual “typo” but I decided to leave it in for the sake of it.)

(Here we are walking to the garden. BTW…to give credit where credit is due…the paparazzi took these pictures LOL)

There is this store in California that features a number of “old HoLLyWooD legend” names on signs that have been “slightly” altered to fit the going green movement. I don’t know if the legends themselves would be humored or slightly offended (let’s hope not because these guys and gals rock) but I thought it was worth sharing, so here goes:

Elvis Parsley
(Elvis Presley)

Avid Gardner
(Ava Gardner)

Ginger Rogers
(No Change Here)

Marylyn cornrow
(Marylyn Monroe)

James Bean
(James Dean)

Betty Graple
(Betty Grable)

Tofutti Garland
(Judy Garland)

Grape Jelly
(Grace Kelly)

Here is what I did with my name…it’s the best I could do in a few seconds time and I must say I am quite humored:

Artic-Tundra Rose Greener
(Alexandra Rose Rieger)

So all you nature lovers, green thumbs and enviro-supporters out there, comment me back with your altered “green” name to show your support for a greener world! Can’t wait to read them! You All Rock!!

-Alexandra Rose Rieger