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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The First Los Angeles Green Grid Installation

In this picture you can see the Los Angeles sky line. In the foreground is the first Green roof in Los Angeles. Green Grid Green roofs are lightweight modular containers with plants or decorative rocks placed on a roof

As you can see the plants above are still in their early stage and will soon fill in such as those pictured below.
In these green roofs we chose a general variety of plants; however it is possible to grow more unusual varieties such as fruits and veggies.

The first recorded green roofs were in ancient Egypt, where some of the most beautiful gardens in history were found on the rooftops.
Since then, green roofs have become increasingly popular in Europe since the 1970's, contributing to a better environment. However, the modern 21st century Green roofs offer solutions like storm water runoff management, climate cooling, water filtration, habit restoration, energy saving, roof protection and pollution reversal.

The Green Grid System is super cool because (as seen above) the modular system allows for easy removal/moving, automatic drip watering and every detail is planned out to a T.
In the picture below I am holding a small sprig of grass which is just one of the many no-maintenance plants that will grow in extreme weather conditions embedded in a lightweight growing medium (special light weight soil).

Green Grid has now become one of the leading sustainability solutions and creates a beautiful and totally hip view from above. Hopefully we’ll have more aerial views of Green roofs; a brighter horizon and a healthier environment.