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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF)
Blue skies smiling at me, and all of the CCRF supporters that I see”
–“Blue Skies”(rendition) original by Irving Berlin–

The blue sky seemed bluer than ever as the morning sun illuminated faces of jubilant and eager ‘Children’s Cancer Research Fund’ (CCRF) supporters lining up for the 5th annual RUN/WALK to defeat cancer.  I have been working with CCRF for the last four years and have been most honored to watch it grow and help so many. The CCRF is making new strides to help youths and families dealing with cancer and has already raised over 1,000,000 dollars in the first four years.

The 2010 walk/run was another success bringing in an even larger crowd of supporters of all backgrounds, ages and cultures. It was truly a harmonious event and it was wonderful to see people coming together to accomplish a common goal. Many young artists from Matthew Underwood to Jillian Claire and Sami Hanratty who were a part of the All Star Team for the Ronald McDonald House’s ‘A Star In You’ event, also came out to support! We all worked to encourage youths to become activists themselves, encouraging them to support and educating youths in ways they too can help.

I helped to lead a booth event for children to write/draw get well cards to their peers in the hospital. Children eagerly gathered around to create meaningful cards, drawings and letters for other youths in need. Throughout, children learned about the ways one can make a big difference even in small measures and how to encourage others to do so as well. Soon after a child had finished creating a card, they would return with siblings, friends, parents, guardians and grandparents. The youngest supporter that made a card was not even two and the oldest was a Grandmother over 60! I was greatly moved to see even the youngest children wanting so very much to make someone else’s life a little happier.

One little girl was only 4 1/2 and asked me to write down what she said. There were just “too many words” she wanted to say. I sat down beside her and wrote just what she dictated, “Dear friend, I really hope you will feel better. I think you are amazing and I know that you must be very brave. I want to be brave too and help kids so that we can be strong together.” What honest words those are!

I was truly moved and inspired to continue supporting this vital cause to “defeat” cancer. I too want to encourage you to find ways to support our brave friends who are battling for their lives so we can all be brave together.  You can visit the website here!

(Here is one of the pictures/cards I drew. If I were to be eloquent I'd say it is a "mixed medium drawing", but honestly it’s me having fun with crayons, pencils and some markers. I am honored to know that it will be given to a brave child in the hospital.)